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Multifamily Lead Nurturing 101

Multifamily Lead Nurturing 101

An Introduction to Prospect & Lead Nurturing for Multifamily Marketers

Multifamily lead nurturing, also called prospect nurturing, is critical to building smooth lead-to-lease journeys. However, it is often overlooked. The agents are either too busy or don’t know the right way to nurture their prospects.

AI-powered automation can come to their rescue. We’ll explain in a 5-part multifamily lead nurturing series:

  • Multifamily Lead Nurturing 101: Introduction (this article)
  • Multifamily Lead Nurturing 101: The Nurturing Sequence
  • Multifamily Lead Nurturing 101: The 0th-Hour Send
  • Multifamily Lead Nurturing 101: The Anatomy of an Email
  • Multifamily Lead Nurturing 101: Best Practices for Effective CTAs

Here’s a summary of what’s in this post:

  • Introduction: Prospect nurturing in multifamily means engaging the prospects with relevant information and nudging them to take action.
  • The goal: The goal of prospect nurturing in multifamily is to get the prospects to schedule a tour.

Challenges: Multifamily needs prospect nurturing to solve the following challenges:

  • 97% of leads in CRM are ignored or poorly nurtured, and only 3% get a good follow-up.
  • Agents are outnumbered and unequipped, and prospect nurturing happens manually
  • Prospects fall through the cracks

Best Practices: The article introduces you to the best way of lead nurturing in multifamily

  • A seven-step prospect nurturing process that uses the Humans+AI approach.
  • An AI nurtures the prospect by automatically sending emails in the right sequence.
  • Meanwhile, a (Human) agent creates a personal connection with the prospects.

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