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How fragmented is multifamily?

A visual study of multifamily property management
How fragmented is multifamily?

Did you know that the US search engine market is dominated by three players (Google, Yahoo & Bing) with a 97.29% share?

Let's take another example - the US carbonated and soft beverage industry. Around 66% of the industry's market share is owned by two players (Coca-Cola and Pepsi.)[1][2]

But for multifamily, it's a different story. Despite a number of high-quality property management companies active in the market, the NMHC Top 50 manage only 9.4%  of the total rental market.

How big is the gap, though?

We created a visualization to understand how NMHC Top 50 measures up with the total rental market[3] of 44 million units. These include single-family, manufactured, multifamily with 2-19 units, and multifamily with 20 or more units.

Visualization Controls:

  • The graphic auto-plays, but you can pause and take a better look at each slide.
  • You can hover over each rectangle to get more information.

Let's breakdown the insights slide-by-slide:

Slide 1:

  • The Housing Vacancy Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau[4] puts the number of renter households at 44 million.

Slide 2:

  • The NMHC Top 50 manage only 9.4%[5] of the total rental units.

Slide 3:

  • The Top 10 NMHC managers manage only 4.3% of the total rental units.
  • However, this is 46.09% of all units managed by the NMHC Top 50.

Slide 4:

  • The top manager manages only 1.5% of total rental units. This is 16.79% of units managed by the NMHC Top 50.
  • The second largest manager manages only 0.47% of total rental units. This is 30% of the top manager’s total.


Multifamily is a fragmented industry. Property managers — new and experienced — have plenty of room to build and grow.  Multifamily technology companies have many options: They can target the high-end Top 50 market, or target the mid-market segment just below the NMHC Top 50, or target the often ignored small property management companies

How do you look at multifamily fragmentation? Let us know in the comments.


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