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Food for thought for multifamily leaders.
The timeless Apple Marketing Philosophy was written in 1977 by Mike Markkula

The Timeless Apple Marketing Philosophy

For decades, Apple has been a source of inspiration for many individuals and businesses. In Steve Jobs's biography
4 min read
A group of people from different generations standing together

The 7 Generations: What do we know about them?

A Humans + AI attempt to understand the characteristic behaviors of the 7 generations and how their experiences shaped their values.
9 min read
How Nike tells stories?

How Nike tells stories?

Nike has set the bar high when it comes to storytelling. But it's not just any storytelling; it's storytelling that subtly but effectively promotes the emotional benefits of Nike's products.
5 min read

How fragmented is multifamily?

A visual study of multifamily property management
3 min read
Image show two scenarios - first is a human building a lego tower alone and the second shows a human and AIs building it

Redesigning Multifamily Workflows: A Humans + AI Strategy

Current multifamily workflows weren't design to solve challenges that the industry faces today. Presenting a Humans + AI approach to designing workflows that combines the best of human relationships and automation.
1 min read
Henry Ford quote 'success lies in the ability to see things from another person’s point of view as well as your own'

Empathetic Marketing: Customers First, Always

Empathetic marketing is about connecting with your customers. The goal is to strengthen the relationship between your brand and the customer. There are three core ways to achieve this.
2 min read
Learn to simplify complexity in the Indra Nooyi style

Simplifying Complexity: The Indra Nooyi Way

How Indra Nooyi simplifies the complex Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo, is known for her transformational leadership and
2 min read
First week experience of an Uber driver

Designing Experiences Matters

How Uber does it? Summary What was the worst first experience you've ever had with a product or
4 min read