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Redesigning Multifamily Workflows: A Humans + AI Strategy

Current multifamily workflows weren't design to solve challenges that the industry faces today. Presenting a Humans + AI approach to designing workflows that combines the best of human relationships and automation.
Image show two scenarios - first is a human building a lego tower alone and the second shows a human and AIs building it

Multifamily Marketers & Analysts: How are your workflows designed?

Do they place too much burden on your teams? Are they so automated that they’re devoid of human touch? Are they too ad-hoc to scale up all across your portfolio?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time you redesigned your processes with a Humans + AI approach.

But how do you begin to do that? The answer lies in deconstructing your existing workflows, identifying who (Humans or AI?) is better suited to perform each task, and reconstructing it.

Let’s consider the lead nurturing workflow.

Animation showing a Humans + AI lead nurturing process

It can be deconstructed into two parts.

  • First, tasks that build valued relationships should be in the domain of HUMANS.
  • Second, the tasks that are data-intensive or repetitive should be in the domain of AI. The AI automates these tasks that involve nudging, accelerating, and analyzing the entire renter journey.

Finally, we reconstruct the workflow by combining the Humans and AI parts in the right sequence and setting things in motion. This strategic distribution of tasks allows teams (Humans) to rise above the mundane with the help of AIs.  It allows them time and bandwidth to focus on what they do best: build valued relationships and improve portfolio performance.

Take a closer look at the Humans + AI lead nurturing process, here.

Which workflows would you like to redesign first? What are your challenges in designing scalable workflows? What do you think about the Human + AI approach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.