Third-Party cookies are dying and multifamily customer data platform may be the solution for marketers

The End of Third-Party Cookies: How a CDP Can Help Multifamily Marketers

Third-party cookies have benefitted marketers for years. So why are they fading away now? And how does multifamily prepare for a cookieless world?
5 min read
The timeless Apple Marketing Philosophy was written in 1977 by Mike Markkula

The Timeless Apple Marketing Philosophy

For decades, Apple has been a source of inspiration for many individuals and businesses. In Steve Jobs's biography [1] by
4 min read
A prospect and an agent raising a toast during a multifamily resident event

An Introductory Guide to Increasing Multifamily Event Attendance

The current multifamily event marketing strategy fails to drive attendance. A Humans + AI event journey can boost attendance, retain residents and acquire more prospects.
6 min read
Prospect confused about the various SMS compliance entities and laws like CTIA, FCC, FTC, TCPA, CAN-SPAM, etc.

Everything Multifamily Needs to Know About SMS Compliance

SMS marketing is a powerful but compliance-heavy channel to engage with your prospects and residents. It is important to ensure that your text messages are compliant with laws and regulations.
7 min read