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The End of Third-Party Cookies: How a CDP Can Help Multifamily Marketers

Third-party cookies have benefitted marketers for years. So why are they fading away now? And how does multifamily prepare for a cookieless world?
Third-Party cookies are dying and multifamily customer data platform may be the solution for marketers

In June 2021, Google announced its plan to phase out third-party cookies by late 2023. (They have currently pushed it back to 2024).

Over the years, marketers have been using 3rd party cookies to track website traffic, improve user experience, and create targeted ads. Due to the phasing out of these cookies, companies can no longer track and store third-party data.

To tackle this problem, multifamily must switch to zero-party and first-party data. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the best way to access such data.

But what consists of zero, first, and third-party data? Why are third-Party cookies dying? And how can multifamily get ready for a cookieless world?

This article answers all the above questions.

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