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How to Light Up Dormant Multifamily Prospects?

Reviving a dormant lead is 5x more cost-effective than finding a new one. These five compelling tactics help to re-engage and reignite their interest.
How to revive dormant prospects?
Don't let cold leads grow colder.
Every multifamily marketer sits atop a goldmine of dormant leads. But are you tapping into their potential?

Why It Matters:

Reviving a dormant lead is 5x more cost-effective than finding a new one. However, with the continuous churn of leads, dormant leads often get overlooked. But remember: bringing them back to life not only saves money but can also boost conversion rates. And the best part? Automation streamlines this whole process.

Understanding Dormancy: Why Do Prospects Go Silent?

  • Location and Commute: Maybe last year's inconvenient location is this year's perfect spot.
  • Financial Constraints: Financial positions change. A once pricey community might now be affordable.
  • Unit Unavailability: Some prospects wait for that perfect unit or floorplan.

How Automation Helps in Rekindling Interest?

Embracing automation doesn’t just simplify the process; it adds structure and effectiveness to the strategy of winning back dormant leads. Here are five compelling tactics to re-engage and reignite their interest:

Automation's role in rekindling prospect interest
  1. "We Miss You" Emails: Personalized subject lines trigger emotions and recall the initial interest. Such emails serve as reminders and nudges, directing them back to property websites or inviting them to schedule tours.
  2. Amenity Showcases: Updates about your property's amenities can spark renewed interest. This is especially true if new amenities have been added since the prospect's last interaction.
  3. Features Reminder: Highlight unique features of the apartment homes, reminding them of the selling points and any new additions since their last check. These insights help in re-imagining the comfort and convenience of staying at the property.
  4. Neighborhood Insights: Share details about the local community – from shopping centers to schools – offering a comprehensive picture, aiding their visualization of life in the area.
  5. Track & Tweak with Reports: Monitor metrics like Open Rates, Click Rates, Unsubscribes, and Bounce Rates. These insights empower marketers to optimize their messaging and improve outreach effectiveness.

Key Takeaway:

As we've outlined, not only is it more cost-effective to re-engage with dormant leads, but with automation, the process becomes streamlined and impactful.

Don't let your goldmine go untapped. Embrace an automated winback experience to ensure no lead gets left behind.

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