Series: Customer Data Platform

Third-Party cookies are dying and multifamily customer data platform may be the solution for marketers

The End of Third-Party Cookies: How a CDP Can Help Multifamily Marketers

Third-party cookies have benefitted marketers for years. So why are they fading away now? And how does multifamily prepare for a cookieless world?
5 min read
A multifamily customer data problem solves the data feeding problem by seamlessly consolidating data across multiple sources.

How to Solve the CDP Data Feeding Challenge in Multifamily?

To make a successful move to CDP, multifamily need to identify the data sources that will feed CDP with essential information needed for a 360-degree view.
5 min read
Introduction to multifamily CDP. A CDP consolidates data from multiple sources and unlocks the true value of data

Introduction to Multifamily CDP: Unlock the True Value of Data

A CDP can help unlock the true value of multifamily data. By bringing together data from disparate sources, CDP provides a unified view of customer data that can be used to drive insights and actions.
4 min read