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An Introductory Guide to Increasing Multifamily Event Attendance

The current multifamily event marketing strategy fails to drive attendance. A Humans + AI event journey can boost attendance, retain residents and acquire more prospects.
A prospect and an agent raising a toast during a multifamily resident event


Events are an important tool for building a sense of community and value among residents. They are also a great way to help properties reach their lease-up goals. When combined with automation, events enhance the experience for agents, residents, and prospects alike.

Given the benefits, we compiled a series on multifamily event marketing.

The first one is an introductory article that answers the following:

  • Why do we need events in multifamily?
  • How can events help you achieve multifamily goals?
  • Why do events have low attendance?
  • How do Humans + AI event journeys improve agent experience?
  • How do Humans + AI event journeys improve prospect and resident experience?

The coming articles will focus on increasing attendance, retaining residents, and acquiring prospects through events.

Achieving multifamily journey goals through Events

In multifamily, resident retention and prospect acquisition are two critical factors impacting the bottom line. If you are a property manager looking to improve both, consider hosting events.

Events in multifamily can include a wide variety of activities such as community gatherings, social events, educational workshops, open houses, fitness classes, etc.

Read on to know why your property needs to conduct more events.

Why do we need events in multifamily?

Why do we need events in multiamily; to create awareness and highlight property features and create sense of community

Events are a powerful marketing tool to attract prospects and residents. Below are the benefits of using events in multifamily:

  1. Events create awareness about the property: Events are a great way to create interest in the property and attract prospects during the lease-up. By hosting an event such as an open house or grand opening, property owners give guests a chance to ask questions and learn more about the property.
  2. Highlighting property features: Events can provide opportunities to showcase the property's features, amenities, and neighborhood to prospects and capture their interest.
  3. Events create a sense of community: Hosting events such as BBQs, fitness or recreational activities, etc., provide opportunities for residents to interact with each other. This helps them build relationships, and feel a sense of belonging within the community. And residents who know 7 or more people in their community are 47% [1] likely to renew their lease.

Despite of the benefits, properties can't make the most of events due to low attendance.

Why do Multifamily Events have low attendance?

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